How did painless body hair removal evolve with time?

Beauty is associated with clean skin shorn of unwanted hair in areas where hair does not enhance beauty. Therefore keeping with this paradigm, the trend of removing unwanted hair began from times untraceable. Where is unwanted hair found in both men and women? The armpits, genital area, arms, and legs additionally some men and women experience thicker hair growth on the face, abdomen, back, buttocks, anus, areola, chest, nasal, and ear.


Hair removal is not just done for the sake of beauty alone but also for hygiene, medical, sexual, or religious purposes. In earlier days body hair was removed with flints, seashells, and beeswax. Some also used exfoliated substances. Both men and women practiced the removal of body hair in ancient times also. Ancient Egyptians were known to use highly abrasive depilatory slaked lime, wood ash, arsenic trisulfide, and water paste to remove body hair. Emperor Augustus as a process of depilation used hot nutshells. Painless body hair removal was not known to them and generally, hair removal was a painful onetime or routine practice that eventually led to less hair growth. Different cultures used different procedures like ‘vajibt’, in ancient India and Iran and unripe olives in other cultures were considered effective hair removing techniques.


Hair removal as a routine personal care treatment became a part of the lives of women in the19th century. Having body hair was considered unwomanly. It was an accepted theory that less body hair meant a more evolved and attractive person, a theory expounded by Charles Darwin. In 1915 Harper's Bazaar ran a campaign for the first time that underarm hair must be removed followed by a razor campaign from a top brand encouraging hair removal with a safety razor.


With women wearing sportswear and swimsuits in the 20th century, more body parts began to be exposed. The visible appearance of the hair on the body was considered ugly and unbecoming especially in the hands and legs, armpit, and bikini area. The majority of women from western cultures began shaving this unwanted hair. Men in the western and Asian cultures shaved daily, however, the Middle Eastern men loved their beards.


What is the best hair removal method for private parts?


Hair removal can be permanent or temporary. It can be painful on the face or painless body hair removal, depending on the procedure.

Depilation is the method of hair removal from the body surface. This surface hair removing technique is most commonly achieved by shaving and trimming. A chemical depilatory breaks the disulfide bonds of the protein chain making the hair weak and breaking it out. This is a painless means of hair removal.   


The other is Epilation which usually is painful but this method removes hair entirely from below the skin. Waxing and sugaring are almost corresponding procedures and favorable hair removal for women. Waxing involves ingredients like beeswax, resin, oils, and other additives. While sugaring is more of a home remedy made from sugar, lemon, and water.


Epilators are electrically operated devices that are considered a painless hair removing procedure by gripping multiple hairs and pulling them out just like it happens in waxing and sugaring. These come with rechargeable wet and dry batteries. They are provided by various attachments that make the device reach in the narrow and softer areas, an exfoliation scrub helps the skin to rejuvenate after hair removal. Some find Epilation painful as it pulls the hair out from the root. Using Wet and dry epilators on wet skin can be less painful.


The other Epilation methods include tweezing where tweezers are used to pull hair from the root.


Threading, a twisted thread winds the hair around it, and rolling it across the skin is pulled out in rapid action.


Drugs that are hair growth inhibitors, using them can stop hair growth. However, hair growth becomes normal once discontinued.


There are some very effective permanent hair removal techniques.


Electrology became prevalent in the USA in 1875. This method destroys the cells responsible for hair growth with fine probes in the hair follicle. Current is passed through each hair in the treatment zone.


Laser hair removal became popular in 1997 and involves light directed to the hair. Darker pigments absorb and destroy the hair follicles. After completing the planned sessions, the hair is removed permanently. Laser hair removal equipment is available at home now and can be used. However, in 2006 this method was found to have side effects, though they were temporary and the skin returned to normalcy after six months which included pigmentation.


How can women remove body hair permanently and naturally at home?


Natural hair growth inhibitors are tropical preparations that stop hair growth with regular use. Hair No More is a hair inhibitor that has emerged as a permanent solution to hair removal with regular use. This unique hair removal for women technology is provided with a cream, mist, and gel. The cream can be applied anywhere in the body and face.


Leaving behind smooth hairless skin you can enjoy this pain-free hair removal technique. The skin after hair removal feels hydrated and soft and the ingrown hair stubbles are removed permanently. You do not need to worry about razor bumps and burns or ingrown redness, especially in the private parts. This is the best hair removal method for private parts and it is completely safe as it involves no burning because the hair removing formula is without any chemicals. The skin is exfoliated and fresh as hair is removed from the roots. The composition is completely natural and includes plant extracts, the cream is dermatologist tested and therefore it is ensured safe.


Most hair removal methods cause skin inflammation, burns, lesions, scarring, infections in the follicles bumps, scarring, and leaves behind ingrown hair. However, most hair removal methods are temporary and some are also medically unsafe and also costly. Some methods are still in their testing stages and therefore not safe to try. Using something that has proven benefits should be a better choice and what better way than selecting Hair No More, a reliable and safe hair-removing solution that removes hair to the root is well within your budget and is easily available online. Find Hair No More in any top online marketplace or visit to order directly.