Do you want pain free and healthy hair removal?

Hair removal is a daily chore for it is something that you cannot live without. No one likes unwanted hair growth and it is tedious work to remove unwanted hair. Hair from legs and underarms are removed regularly by most, while others prefer professional help for their face and bikini line. Some prefer a regular run of the razor or prefer electrolysis treatment in the salon. Methods are varied but the objective is the same. 

Was hair removal an age-old practice?

Modern women of today are more conscious of how they look and ensure that they are well-groomed and look beautiful. However, when bathing suits became popular in the 1920s, women did not want to expose hairy legs and bikini lines were cleaned to reveal hairless skin. Women in ancient times in Mesopotamia, the Orient and India used various hair removal methods. Some mixed arsenic sulphide, quicklime, and starch with water forming a depilatory like paste. The ancient Egyptian medical text "Papyrus Ebers," records many recipes that involved burnt lotus leaf, tortoiseshell and hippo fat for hair removal. In India, women rubbed their skin with sand and pumice stones.  

The use of wax and threads has been common in most parts of the world along with the elementary tweezers. Elaborate processes of hair removal in Europe were shaving, plucking, plastering with quicklime to remove hair from the root. This plaster was allowed to dry and then scraped out, carrying the hair with it. This method was also done on the eyebrow and forehead. Other primitive methods included a mix of dried cat dung and vinegar which was ineffective and rejected for its pungent odor. Women have put their bodies through the most grilling treatments just to look beautiful. But why make beauty such a painful practice when painless hair removal is just so easy?

What if painless hair removal is safe?

Smooth hairless skin is a natural desire, however, having to go through the pain of hair removal through waxing or getting prickly and rough skin after shaving discourages many women and men and they carefully choose clothes to hide their beautiful skin under clothing. What if you discovered a painless hair removal method that eliminated body hair without any fuss and is completely natural? You may be worried about the chemical components of the cream but what if you found a natural advanced medical formula that effectively removes and reduces hair growth through a two-step method. The skin will feel soft and pampered leaving no stubbles behind. You can apply this cream daily and feel the natural softness of your skin coming back. 

Hair removal creams are commonly found in the market, and they remove unwanted hair. The options are many from cheap to expensive; the cream formulas are easy fixes for unwanted hair. However, these creams are loaded with chemical depilatories. They may or may not deliver the desired results, but they effectively harm the skin causing long term, irreparable damage. These instant hair removal creams ease the pain from hair removal methods like waxing or threading and are convenient when compared to time-consuming electrolysis and laser treatment. Most hair removing creams are easy to apply and are pocket friendly. New brands flood the market, the ease of application is the reason why people prefer and switch brands to try the latest in the market. Some creams also come with exfoliating qualities that improve skin health. You not only get hairless skin but also a glowing texture that encourages you to flaunt your skin more.  

What should you know about chemical hair depilatories?

Most chemical hair depilatories remove hair from the surface and the hair stubbles start emerging in a few days. The effect of the hair removing creams popular in the market stays for a week; compared to waxing and threading they cannot hold hair growth for long. However, using a common hair removal cream is better than shaving as the hair growth is staggered in the used areas compared to the outcome of a shave. Though the ease of application can be an attractive choice as it is most certainly a painless hair removal procedure, however with regular usage you can expect potential side effects that may be irreparable. It must be remembered that not all hair removing creams are effective. If the application is uneven the results of hair removal will be patchy. Make sure that you are spreading the cream evenly all over the area where you wish to remove unwanted hair. Remember each time you are applying some hair removing cream; you are spreading harsh chemicals all over your skin that include alkalis, which can irritate and burn sensitive skin. Some are even prone to allergic reactions. The skin keratin reacts with the alkaline chemicals and the reaction might be quite damaging.

Are all hair removal creams harmful?

With the improvement in technology and immense contribution of science to skin health, the brand that has positioned itself for its amazing hair removal and gradual depletion formula is Hair No More. The 2-step hair removal innovation is the safest way to keep your hair growth in check. It offers ease of application like all other hair removing creams, guarantees safety and soothes the skin to make it baby soft. Your skin will be hydrated as the cream is completely natural with plant extracts that offer nourishment. You can be assured of no irritation as the product is compliant with dermatological testing. The benefits of this cream are much more than any other hair removal cream. Hair is eliminated in 3-9 minutes, you are saved from razor bumps and ingrown hair. Your skin receives careful exfoliation that removes hair from its follicles. No other cream can contend with this technology

Why should you buy Hair No More?

Hair No More cream is a combination of vanishing cream hair remover and spray mist Hair No More inhibitor along with soothing gel inhibitor. It is a collective treatment blend that takes care of common beauty problems. Your skin will feel refreshed upon application. With a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and skin ageing, the pH balance will be maintained by this formula. Being completely natural the chances of side effects are nil even as the skin transforms due to hormonal side effects from menopause and postmenstrual facial hair reactions. Endowed with vitamins, herbs and antioxidants, the hair removal cream leaves a youthful skin behind that feels soft and silky on application and removal. With time the occurrence of unwanted hair will permanently reduce leaving behind the skin radiance you had always longed for. You can buy the rich formula of Hair No More from any top eCommerce marketplaces or visit to order directly. Feel pampered and happy with this happy skin technology.