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Frustrated with razor bumps? Tired of painful waxing? Worried about the side-effects of electrolysis? Let's put an end to all of them.

Look, we get it - hair removal shouldn't have to involve sacrifice of any kind. That's why we've made painless hair removal possible. In about 10 minutes, you're left with smooth skin on your face and body for 3 to 5 weeks and even longer when followed with an inhibitor, helping to slow and stop hair growth over time.

For all genders and skin types

Whether it's coarse or fine hair

Leaving your skin looking and feeling timeless


I wanted to let you know that I finally tried the Hair No More gel, and it worked amazingly well! For the past week, I have used it on my upper lip and between my eyebrows after plucking each day, and the hair has decreased! I didn't have to pluck a single hair today!

Shari A. Covens, Editor-in-Chief, Mademoiselle Magazine


As a guy with a really hairy chest and back, the cream followed by the spray mist has done wonders slowing down the hair growth and keeps it from coming back as fast as it used to - it's working great!

Jake B.

The days of sacrificing our skin in the name of beauty are numbered.